Cris Noguer.

My studio work is to understand and create narratives around materials. My research is based on the politics and culture of materials, exploring imaginaries for livable futures through sensory matter. I help companies and institutions understand the state of the art of materials and how to find solutions to contemporary challenges. I do continuous research, foreseeing trends, understanding the contemporaries and hands-on work.
In Research you can see some of the work I’ve developed and carried out for galleries, institutions and self-commissioned projects in the form of exhibitions, objects and publications, while in Applied Research there are some projects I’ve done for companies in order to trigger innovation through a cultural shift. These take the form of strategic design proposals, new products, the exploration of materials and the curation of seminars and lectures.
I’m currently a researcher at the Institute of Political Materialities at BAU, and also at Holon, a cooperative whose mission is to evolve and transition towards a degrowth-based society through everyday actions.
I’ve consulted for BDC, lectured in most universities in Barcelona, curated summer workshops based on linking different forms of knowledge at TMDC and at Sonar+D with Shestem Project, as well as publishing texts on A*Desk, an online critical thinking platform, and recently curated five podcasts on the politics of materials in collaboration with
Over the course of six years, I led the innovation department at Puig, where I linked science, technology, innovation and critical thinking to discover new narratives, aesthetics and concepts within the fragrance and perfume industry. Speaking both lenguages: producers and mareketing teams.
In 2014 I co-create Proyecto Algo , a collective space for critical design and experimentation.

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