Cris Noguer.

Innovation workshop, 2018

Design and conceptualization of the Innovation workshop, a yearly event organised by the HR department at Puig. It aims to stimulate the engineers’ perceptions of new materials, new processes and new technologies. I carried out this project while directing the Innovation department in the company—a forward looking department that focuses on developing new materials, technology and manufacturing processes. The workshop was a perfect space to observe and examine new options and speculate on how the business may evolve in the coming years.
In 2017, the workshop explored digital manufacturing and material experimentation at Green Fablab, in collaboration with the IAAC. In 2018, the workshop explored crafts: how crafts and luxury relate to each other in the modern world, the significance of crafts and craftspeople in the digital era, and how new materials can co-exist with old ones.

This two-day workshop in Barcelona hosted artists, artisans, designers and chefs from around the world. I invited experts who have spent their lives constantly improving their crafts and creating a sense of luxury. These are people who are experts in their fields, with a particular range of tools, and with a natural eagerness to innovate. Some of the concepts explored in the workshop were intellectual stimulation, sensory experiences, bespoke products and services, ethical strategies and the use of local materials to produce unique results.

The first day featured presentations by four renowned designers who have shaped the way we produce and consume goods: Kirstie Van Noort, Stepehen Burks, Unfold and Jordi Canudas. They are guiding lights for other designers, teach at the very best art schools and will bring their know-how and long experience to the workshop. The opportunity to learn from two of the in-house chemistry and perfumery master craftspeople.

The second day was a hands-on workshop with six artisans who have mastered six different techniques: Aldanondo&Fdez, Made By Us, Agustina Ros, Coudre Studio and Laura Veraguas. The final goal was to obtain a unique product, 100% crafted on site and made with the available materials.
Booklet design by Querida
Photography by Salva Lopez
Illustrations by Pol Montserrat