Cris Noguer.

Material guide, 2016

This is a compilation of experiments carried out while I was leading the Ideation department at Puig. This guide is for both the Marketing and Operations teams. Its aim is to function as a guide to offer alternatives to the commonly used materials and processes in perfumery.
All the materials collected have a level of rarity and are therefore surprising, exclusive and highly experiential. It provides guidance for future proposals. Information is difficult to collect and sometimes impossible to share.

All the proposals are related to current manufacturing processes. They involve suppliers or manufacturers from other industries. The first pages present an index of all the analysed materials and reference images that contextualise the work. They are followed by visual documentation and descriptions of materials and processes.
The references are a crucial part of the process, seeing as they provide context and vision to the research. The references are taken from fairs, designers, artists, material labs and the in-house Creative Hub.

The last part of the guide is a “pantone guide of materials”. We hope this will serve as a regular reference tool for teams to examine the materiality of their proposals by providing the opportunity to analyse a material without having it physically. It also allows for the visualisation of possible combinations of materials.
Each material was analysed by R+D and Perfumery to discover its capabilities of either holding or releasing perfume. This is part of an ongoing investigation to find new supports for olfactory experiences.
This is the first guide of a series that aims to continue collecting innovations that haven’t reached the market yet. All these processes need to be documented to keep adding value to our research and make our in-house know-how grow.

Graphic design and photography by ODD