Cris Noguer.

Innovation guide, 2019

This is a compilation of ideas designed to stimulate innovation in the high-end perfume industry, through opening it up to the whole range of complexities of the olfactory system, as well as to our other senses. It is an attempt to move the industry towards a deeper understanding of the power of scent.

The methodology of research included analysis of the state of the art, experimenting with materials, speculative thinking, in-depth interviews, prototyping, visits to factories from different industries, photography and writing. Connecting unconnected dots in order to create new opportunities to explore the senses and work closely with chemists.Everything is shown at the prototype stage, with no branding or a specific project behind it. It is organised in terms of the three most relevant senses for the industry: sight, touch and smell. Its intention is to open up business opportunities in new household, retail and body applications.

Graphic design by ODD
Photography by Alex Sardà Fuster-Fabra and ODD
Illustration by Marc Torrent

Download the interviews with Saskia Wilson-Brown on Open Source and the Olfactory Sense, Jonsara Ruth on the Immateriality of Well-being, Oscar Tomico on Wearables and the Olfactory Sense, Carla Camila on Future-living Lab at Space 10, Caro Verbeek on Art and Smell, Sissel Tolaas on Functional Smells, Sara McElroy on The Spectacle of Light, and Alex Gasulla on Emotional Data.