Cris Noguer.

Biodegradable electronics, 2017

This project explores the capacity of electroluminescent paint to function as a light source. It’s a technology developed in the 1960s which is essentially a painted circuit; a multi-layered system which uses an alternating current (AC) power source to emit light. It works by generating a phosphorescent layer between two conductive layers. This paint is not harmful to the environment and can be produced and applied locally. 

The supports for the light source are made with untreated minerals I had in my studio. One sourced from a salt mine in Cardona, Spain, and the other a piece of quartz found locally in Girona, Spain. 

The aim of this project was to draw attention to different forms of innovation and development that bring autonomy to people while also reducing the production impact.
It was made in collaboration with Aldana Persia, June 2016. 

For technical information and suppliers:
Photography by Laia Benavides